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Twelfth and Blossom

Marian Minis - Our Lady of the Rosary

Marian Minis - Our Lady of the Rosary

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This is a reproduction print of an original watercolor of Our Lady of the Rosary, from the Marian Minis collection. The collection was created as part of an art challenge to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary in the month of May. Marian Minis are only available in 5"x7" prints

Catholics are often challenged on the validity of the Rosary, calling it a prayer to Mary. However, we know that we pray with Mary, as we would pray with a friend here on Earth. When we say, "Pray for us sinners..." we request her intercession, as the Mother of our Savior, Jesus Christ. The distinct privilege bestowed upon her as the woman who would bear, birth, nurse, kiss, and rock the Son of God to sleep gives her a unique position of honor among us that cannot and should not be ignored. Read more about Our Lady of the Rosary here. 

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