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Twelfth and Blossom

Earrings - St. Joseph

Earrings - St. Joseph

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These sweet earrings call to mind the lilies of St. Joseph.

St. Joseph is often associated with lilies because they symbolize purity and goodness. As Jesus' earthly father and Mary's husband, we know he was a virtuous and holy man. The connection between St. Joseph and lilies can be traced back to various religious stories and legends. One of the most well-known is the legend of the "Flowering Rod." According to the story, when the high priest of Jerusalem needed to find a suitable husband for Mary, he gathered a group of eligible men, including Joseph, and gave each of them a rod. The man whose rod blossomed with lilies was chosen by divine intervention to marry Mary. Joseph's rod was said to have bloomed with lilies, signifying his selection as Mary's spouse.

These lovely brass earrings are lead and cadmium free and nickel safe. Each square bezel is filled with iridescent bronze resin and hand painted with white lilies (the earrings measure ~20mm across). 

Due to the hand painted nature of these earrings, please expect small variations on appearance. 

 **Print of St. Joseph not included**

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