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Art Print - Our Lady of Laus

Art Print - Our Lady of Laus

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This 5x7 art print features an original watercolor print of Our Lady of Laus.

Frame is not included.


Our Lady of Laus began appearing to a young shepherdess named Benoîte Rencurel in 1664 in France. This extraordinary encounter unfolded in a small mountainous area, where Benoîte witnessed repeated visitations from the Virgin Mary.

During the apparitions, Our Lady of Laus conveyed messages of prayer, penance, and reconciliation to humanity. She emphasized the importance of conversion and encouraged people to live virtuous lives, fostering devotion to her Son, Jesus Christ. The Blessed Virgin also manifested a deep compassion for sinners, offering hope and forgiveness to all who sought her intercession.

One remarkable aspect of the apparitions is the establishment of a chapel and a hospice, serving as a sanctuary for those in need. Many miraculous healings and conversions were reported at the site, drawing pilgrims from far and wide. Today, the shrine of Our Lady of Laus remains a place of pilgrimage, attracting believers seeking solace, spiritual renewal, and guidance from the Virgin Mary.

The apparitions at Laus were officially recognized by the Catholic Church in 2008, affirming the authenticity and significance of the encounters. Our Lady of Laus continues to be venerated as a powerful intercessor, embodying love, mercy, and maternal care for humanity. Her messages and the devotion surrounding her are a source of inspiration and faith for countless individuals seeking a deeper connection with God and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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