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Art Print - Infant of Prague

Art Print - Infant of Prague

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This is a reproduction print of an original watercolor of the Infant of Prague, printed on 5"x7" archival paper. Frame not included.

The Infant of Prague is a small statue of the child Jesus that's known for performing miracles to those who reverence it. People from all over the world visit the Infant of Prague in the beautiful Church of Our Lady of Victory in Prague, Czech Republic. The statue is dressed in luxurious robes and adorned with beautiful jewels, and it's just a sight to behold! 

The Infant of Prague statue has an interesting history! It's believed to have originated in Spain in the 16th century, and was given as a wedding gift to a Czech princess. The statue was eventually donated to the Church of Our Lady Victorious in Prague, where it became a beloved object of devotion. Throughout the centuries, many people have attributed miracles and blessings to the Infant of Prague, and it has become a symbol of hope and faith for many. So, although the exact origins of the statue are somewhat mysterious, its impact and significance are undeniable!

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