I created this daily planner using elements I originally created for a separate project, including a fun watercolor font. 

Like so many people, I struggle to put reasonable limits on my work. I try to cram so much into a day, then feel so disappointed when I can't get to it all. The idea behind this little daily action plan was really to limit what I try to do.

I have a "Top Ten". These are the things I'd like to prioritize. A big mistake I've made in the past is not including my personal tasks in daily to-do lists. As a result, even if I've spent an hour volunteering at my son's school or folding and putting away laundry, I've considered it time "wasted" because it didn't feel productive.

The reality, of course, is that things like spending time with my son or taking care of household chores all go toward a better quality of life, which leads to better mental health. 

I use the green box on the right for those things that come up during the day that might need to be prioritized. I put them there and decide if they get to override a Top Ten item or if they can wait until my other tasks are done.

And because I'm an idea machine, the grid is for recording my hare-brained schemes so I don't forget them later. Very few of them are good enough ideas to make it past the grid, but hey - I've got to put them somewhere or I'll dwell on them forever!

I'd love to make this available as a notepad, but you wouldn't believe how expensive notepads are to print! Until I figure out how to offer them at a reasonable cost, I wanted to make this available as a free download. Print one, print a million, send it to a friend, whatever! Just enjoy!


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