Let's Paint Angel Wings for the Feast of St. Matthew

Paint with me! Let's celebrate St. Matthew's Feast Day by painting these beautiful watercolor wings. 

Each of the Gospel writers has his own symbol: the Angel for St. Matthew, the Lion for St. Mark, the Ox for St. Luke and the Eagle for St. John. 

So why is St. Matthew depicted as an angel? Or rather, as a human with angel wings? There are a few theories. One suggests that it's due to the first story Matthew tells being about an Angel appearing in Joseph's dream. Others say it's meant to represent the humanity of Christ, because St. Matthew's gospel includes Jesus' genealogy. And another theory states that St. Matthew's account is a message of Christ's teachings to the world, particularly through the Sermon on the Mount. In this way, he acts as a messenger, much like the Angel Gabriel was to Mary at the Annunciation.

To celebrate the Feast of St. Matthew in a creative spirit, right click and save our angel wings outline below! Print your angel wings and color it however you like, OR follow our watercolor video on Instagram!

Take today as an opportunity to reflect on the role of Mary in our Catholic faith, her exemplary life, and the values she represents—faith, humility, and maternal love!

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