Let's Paint a Cupcake for Mary's Birthday!

Ready to stretch your creative skills? Here's an easy to download outline of a cupcake, topped with a lovely Auspice Maria for Mary's Birthday, celebrated on September 8th!

Why September 8th? We celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception exactly nine months earlier, on December 8th! 

How do we know when Mary was born? The exact date of Mary's birth is not recorded in the Bible, but the early church was celebrating her birthday as early as the 6th century. The date was selected by the Eastern Church, whose church year begins in September. It was chosen as a day to venerate Our Lady rather than to celebrate the exact date.

To celebrate Mary's birthday in a special way, right click and save our cupcake outline featuring Auspice Maria, a symbol which invokes the meaning of the Latin phrase, which is "Under the Protection of Mary". 

Print your cupcake outline! You can color it however you like, or follow our watercolor video on Instagram!

Take today as an opportunity to reflect on the role of Mary in our Catholic faith, her exemplary life, and the values she represents—faith, humility, and maternal love!

Auspice Maria Cupcake Outline

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